Original3 Inc

About Original3 Inc

Original3 Inc. is helping startups and small companies management teams to manage their development efforts, control their resources and achieve their business goals faster and more efficiently. We support companies involved with AI, Robotics, Finetech and more. We work with the teams to create robust IP portfolios that will protect the company’s future assets.

Vision for working together

We are excited to be part of the SG Medtech Consortium. We believe that the potential of Singapore’s design and manufacturing abilities together with the strong support from Singapore’s government can create an environment where new ideas and start-ups will flourish and grow. As a company, we believe in mentoring new organizations and educating management teams. Early investments in need finding,  research and development of market fit for future products are tools we believe can create better global opportunities for the consortium. 

About Rafi Holtzman

User-centric design has been the focus of Rafi’s work, as he has taken new, disruptive product categories from concept to market, including the world’s first digital prepress systems and the first pocket-sized interactive whiteboard solution. Formally trained in industrial design, he strives for quality, aesthetics, and ease of use throughout the product development process. He is currently Co-founder of Original3, a start-up in the mobile space. Rafi is passionate about the human learning process and user-centric design for software and hardware systems.

Rafi previously was CEO of Luidia Inc., a pioneer in portable interactive education technology and remote learning applications. Under his leadership, Luidia moved to profitability in less than two years, with a 5X increase in revenue run rates within 3 years of launch, and the eBeam product line won numerous accolades from top technology and education publications.

HP, HITACHI, Legamaster, NEC, Polycom, RICOH,Sharp, Sony, Uchida and several other companies OEMed the eBeam technology for their product lines.

Earlier in his career, he served as Director of Design and Division Manager at EFI Inc., which created the short-run color printing industry, and was the Chief Designer at Scitex Corporation, where he led the design of Scitex’s computerized pre-print and printing systems. Rafi currently mentors at Stanford and Berkeley universities.

Rafi holds over 30 patents in design, location technology, user interface, and print technologies.