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With over 200+ SMEs in the consortium, we are able to create a strong ecosystem for our partners.

The Singapore Medtech Consortium is a group of Singapore-based companies from Venture Capitalist, Manufacturers & Distributors. We provide end-to-end manufacturing solutions in the areas of in-vitro diagnostics, wearables and life science tool consumables. We are able to offer high mix low volume manufacturing at a competitive cost, assist in early-stage product development, customise solutions in design thinking and provide efficient manufacturing and box build assembly.

Spearheaded by Racer Technology Pte Ltd, a CDMO company with a team of passionate engineers to improve and lead cutting-edge manufacturing for the Medtech sector. We bring together an innovative collaboration of companies to develop and bring ideas for the healthcare industry.

To know more about Racer Medical, see here.

Effective project management is crucial for successfully transitioning your product from concept to consumer, minimising risk while maximising success. Hence, at SMC, we value each project by appointing experienced Project Managers to oversee the entire process, adhering to principles of affordability, efficiency, and impeccable quality.

  • Project Consultancy
  • Quotation
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Quality Control
  • Product Certification Support

With over 30 years of experience in mold-flow design, we always try to let customers understand that not all designs are feasible for mass manufacturing. Fret not, this is where SMC comes in to provide premium design support at a reasonable cost. The establishment of precise assembly and functional testing procedures for design optimisation stands as a key factor, propelling the design forward with minimal risk.


  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Design History File Record

We work closely with companies under the SMC to provide software design for our customers:

  • Electronic Development
  • PCBA Schematic Design
  • Firmware Programming
  • Design for testing

Prototyping is the heart of innovation, serving as a bridge between concept and reality. This agile methodology is useful for design validation to identify potential design flaws before fabricating the tool. In turn, this can effectively reduce time, cost and effort.

  • CNC 5 Axis machining
  • Silicone Tooling

We have our own in-house tooling under Racer Technology. This enables the SMC members and partners to achieve short lead time & high precision compliance with international standards for the tooling fabrication. With Racer’s internationally recognised QMS systems, medical manufacturing compliance can be achieved with ease.

  • Mold Unit Base (MUB) Tooling
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Tooling Fabrication
  • Low Pressure molding
  • Hot Runner System
  • Multi-Cavity Tooling
  • In Mold Decoration
  • Structural Molding
  • 2/3Shots over Molding
  • Insert Molding
  • Hardened Tool

Partnering with a CDMO gives you access to specialised expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and a streamlined manufacturing process. Together, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation, ensuring the highest quality standards, and ultimately, improving patient outcomes. Our ability and resources can cater to customer’s desired production quantity. We have the necessary space and equipment to increase production, yet also have the ability to downsize when needed.  We are able to fully support your innovation journey from its seed concept, all the way till prototyping and mass manufacturing.


We offer custom production from design, manufacturing and final assembly through systemic understanding of the requirements and target feasibility experiments. Our manufacturing expertise makes your product development more predictable in scope, time and cost with world class quality control and management.


  • Class 100K Clean Room Molding
  • Class 7 and 8 Clean Room Assembly
  • Class 7 and 8 Reagent Manufacturing
  • Assembly & Tooling Validation
  • Low Mix Low Volume production to High Mix High Volume Production
  • Smart Traceability System

SMC is able to fabricate a wide range of metal components with precise requirement.

  • Precision Machining
  • Sheet Metal Stamping
  • Zinc Die Casting
  • Aluminum Die Casting & Extrusion
  • Metal Injection Molding

Our PCBA house have 15 automated SMT lines, to mount even the smallest component size of 0.005mm; and BGA mount with pitch 0.3mm. The factory is equipped with an “Auto Inspection Equipment”, and an X-ray equipment for quality control.

  • Capacity to populate usual PCB materials: Plus-flexi, Flexi rigid, Aluminium & Microwave Substrates
  • Lead-free surface mount technology
  • Fully automated in-line optical inspection
  • Micro BGA with 0.12 ball size on multi layers of FPC
  • Capable of mounting from small 0402 (01005) chip

In-support & in-line with the growth in medical manufacturing in Singapore, we support a complete list of reagent manufacturing:

  • Lysis
  • Resuspension Buffer
  • Diluent solution
  • Diluent bag sealing
  • Semi and fully automated reagent dispensing and filling
  • Lyophilisation


Our facility has ISO Class 7 & 8 Cleanroom, and fully compliant with the new EU regulation on In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device IVDR 2017/746. This certification is required for customers with reagent manufacturing to enter the EU market.


Our distribution alliances in SMC can bring greater outreach for your product. What makes our distribution partners different is their expertise in regulatory. Every country or region requires different regulatory certification and approval (e.g., HSA, FDA, CE). Therefore, we are able to provide regulatory guidance on this area to ensure your products are being brought to commercialisation in a swift manner.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Commercial Execution
  • Corporate Strategy

Needless to say, capital is a key resource to operate and sustain a company and especially vital for start-ups. The SMC is constantly sourcing and evaluating  companies with disruptive technology that can create a great impact in the Medtech market.

  • Main investment focus: Pre-series A or Series A
  • Areas of interest: Point of care diagnostic/device, Home-use Health Solutions, Preventive Health Solution, Digital Health Solutions, Biomarkers & AI/ML based Health-tech solutions

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